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So what is Self-Storage?!!!!

What better way to start our new blog than to ask ‘Ok, what’s this all about!’

What is Self-Storage and why do we need it? 

Chances are, if you’re reading this then the thought of having some extra storage space has already crossed your mind.  Let’s face it, houses are getting smaller yet, as a nation, our desire to ‘own stuff’ is on the increase – combined with human nature to hang on to things of sentimental value, this means that many families are simply running out of space.

The concept of Self-Storage is beautifully simple – it’s your own private and secure space, away from home or work, to store… well pretty much anything you like!  Facilities such as ours provide clean, dry and secure units which you can access as and when you need to.

For some self-storage provides somewhere to store their clutter (or personal items not needed on a regular basis!)… For those moving house it can provide a welcome ‘stop-gap’ between one house and another – particularly if a sale falls through or completion dates change… Others even run a business from a storage unit, or use it for holding stock and archiving documents.

Whatever the purpose, the concept is becoming more and more popular as a versatile solution to almost any storage problem.

It all began in the US around 1958 and didn’t reach the UK until the early 80’s but even then was confined to London areas for many years, gradually spreading northwards over the following couple of decades.  Our director John brought the idea home to Barnsley in 2001, having seen similar facilities on a visit to London.  Less than a year later Stash became the first of its kind for Barnsley.

Demand for Self-Storage is growing at quite a pace, with more than 800 facilities now located around the UK, yet 55% of the population still have no idea how it works!  To be fair, neither did I until I joined Stash just over a year ago.

So our simple guide to “Stashing your Stuff” goes something like this:

  1. Decide what you want to store (possibly the hardest bit!)
  2. Work out how much space you need (or call in and our friendly staff will help you choose a unit that’s right for you)
  3. You’ll need photo ID, four weeks rent plus deposit and a padlock
  4. Move in!! Free porter service available if required!

Further info can be found on our FAQ page or give us a call on 01226 203369.

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