Could Self-Storage Lend a Hand this Christmas?

We all know Christmas can be a stressful time of year, for some more than others. 

The struggle to find that perfect gift for loved ones, alongside high street stores convincing us we ‘do’ need that new sofa or TV ‘before’ Christmas, and the desire to impress our guests on Christmas Day with a meal worthy of a Michelin star!

With all this going on it’s no wonder that here at Stash we generally find it’s a bit quieter at this time of year – units are still full but there’s not the usual comings and goings which make life interesting…  Everyday stuff get’s put on hold for a few weeks while Christmas Mania takes over!

However… Christmas is the perfect time to take advantage of a storage unit and could actually make the season just that little less stressful.  And guess what?  I’m going to tell you how!

Make space for Christmas!

I’ll start with the obvious as it’s a common problem – for one reason or another we all need more space at Christmas time!

One of my earliest childhood memories is my mum coming home with a real Christmas Tree, that was taller than the height of our living room, saying “it didn’t seem that big in the store!” Most families will need to rearrange the furniture somewhat to accommodate a tree or other seasonal decorations – the surplus furniture can be moved into another room but what if you also have family coming to stay?

The spare room which has been used all year as a hiding place for clutter suddenly needs transforming back into a guest room for friends and family coming to visit.

The simplest solution is to box everything up and move it into storage along with any furniture which is surplus to requirements, giving you back valuable space within your home.

Come January you can decide whether to put it all back in it’s rightful place, or you might find you like having the additional space – which is a great motivator for a ‘New Year Clearout’ (see our article on decluttering here!)

Elf Storage 

Keep all your purchases away from prying eyes by hiding them in a small storage unit – the kids can search all they like without risk of spoiling the surprise!

Better still… if you want to leave us a key, you can have your on-line purchases delivered to us and we’ll lock them away for you.  We’re even open on Christmas Eve (until 12noon) so you can pick them up at the very last minute.

Helping Small Businesses 

Many of our customers are small businesses who use our facilities all year round, but if you could do with some extra storage just for Christmas then that’s fine too.   It may be that you carry more stock at this time of year and need extra room to store it.  Or, on the other hand, if you’re quieter over the winter months you might want to store away tools and equipment until the weather picks up again in Spring.

Whatever your needs, here at Stash we like to support local businesses and offer discounted rates for long-term rental.

What about when it’s all over?

The festive season passes as quickly as it arrives, and before we know it we’ll be stripping the tree and taking down the lights.  How many of you ruin your precious baubles by stuffing them, badly packaged, in the bottom of an already overflowing wardrobe!

A boom in loft conversions and lack of storage in modern homes mean that the ability to safely store seasonal items is limited.  Why struggle to find space in your home for items you only use once a year!

And it’s not as expensive as you might think!

We have many long-term customers who have been with us for years and find that the benefits of having secure, damp-free storage away from home far out-way the costs.

Give us a call or get a quick-quote via the website and see if self-storage can help you this Christmas.

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