Clear your clutter and change your life!

Our top tips for getting rid of clutter will clear more than just your home.

“Less is more” is once again in fashion, perhaps forced on many by the recent recession but still, upcycling, mending and reducing our waste have been quite noticeable in mainstream media just lately.  As mass consumerism continues to grow on the one hand, for many others a return to the more frugal lifestyle of our grand-parents generation is a welcome anti-dote to material spending.

A quick internet search brings up scores of blog-spots dedicated to saving resources by going ‘back-to-basics’.  One of my favourites is but there are many more too!

Getting rid of clutter is something I know a thing or two about, having recently ‘downsized’ from a three bedroom house to temporarily living in a caravan!  So for anyone else out there who has had enough of their unnecessary possessions, here are our top tips for clearing that clutter!

Start Small

I’ve read this so many times on guides to de-cluttering your home but that’s because it’s darn good advice!!  When you look around at everything you own, for most people, it’s overwhelming as you wonder where to begin.

So pick one cupboard, one shelf or drawer at random and tackle just that for your first day!

Work through each item and ask yourself “Do you need it? Do you use it? Do you love it?” If the answer to any of these is no – get rid!

Don’t overdo it! Limit yourself to maybe 15 minutes a day – if it feels difficult you won’t want to continue.  You’ll be surprised how quickly you can make a difference.  Return the ‘keep’ items in an orderly fashion, pat yourself on the back and pick another small area to have a go at tomorrow.

Ask a Friend to Help

If you’re finding it hard parting with something even though you haven’t used it for years and know deep down you probably don’t need it… ask a friend or family member to make the decision!

They are generally more dispassionate and ‘unattached’ to the item and so will give you an unbiased opinion.

Use a ‘Maybe Box’

Inevitably there will be items that you can’t quite decide what to do with… should they stay or should they go! If undecided, start a ‘maybe’ box.

Hide the box away (in a storage facility like ours perhaps!) for a minimum of 6 months.  If you find you haven’t missed those items or needed them in that time then it’s probably safe to get rid of them for good!

Donate to Charity

Giving your unused/unloved belongings to charity can be a great motivator in helping to part with the things you don’t really need.  Knowing that they are going to a good cause or to help someone less fortunate can make the whole ‘de-cluttering’ process more rewarding.

Do a Car Boot

Turning your stuff into cash can be equally rewarding if you have the time and perfect for anyone who is financially motivated.  You’ll be amazed at what people will buy but be prepared to negotiate and remember you won’t get back what you paid new.  Find your nearest car boot at

Enjoy Your Extra Space

Each time you clear a room take some time to really appreciate what you have achieved.  Consider the benefits both physically and mentally of having made some extra space, and also how to prevent the clutter creeping back!

If you really want to maintain your new ‘oasis of calm’ take some advice from who say:

“Minimalists don’t focus on having less; rather, we focus on making room for more: more time, more passion, more experiences, more growth, more freedom. Clearing the clutter helps us make that room.”

Finally, can you apply the same principals to other aspects of your life?

Your workspace… Your inbox… Your thoughts!

We’re all so busy juggling work, family and social commitments that sometimes you really do need to stop and clear some space.

…and that is how clearing your clutter can begin to change your life!

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