Autumn Home Improvements

Home Improvements This Autumn

“Autumn: the season between summer and winter”

For many people this seasonal ‘lull’ between school holidays and Christmas provides some breathing space to catch up on a host of different activities.

If you own your own home there are many reasons why you might want to carry out some DIY or other home improvements at this time of year.


Home Maintenance

For a start there are many jobs, such as clearing gutters and servicing the boiler, which prepare your home for the months that lie ahead (see our post Winter is Coming!)….  Maybe you want to make the most of the remaining mild weather and tidy the garden or clear out the shed…  And so long as you avoid any rain, the slightly cooler temperatures are ideal for external painting tasks.


Home Decor

This is also a great time for decorating indoors… It’s a common trend to revamp your home before Christmas with a coat of paint, new furniture or just some throws and cushions to give a sense of warmth over winter.  If you’re planning on having the family visit, you may need to temporarily empty a spare room to make space.  Our short-term storage solutions can help here!


Home Renovation

Then there are those bigger jobs which cause disruption and upheaval to your home… a new kitchen perhaps, a conservatory or other building work.  These kind of major renovations can be particularly stressful.  Apart from coordinating the details of the actual project itself, what are you going to do with the furniture and other stuff that might be in the way?  You need to make sure your possessions are taken care of so they don’t get damaged or covered in dust.

Naturally, we’re going to recommend a self-storage facility!… but before rushing into that, consider what options you already have at home.

Do you have space in the garage or a bedroom that isn’t used?

Some items can be easily boxed up and moved to another room without causing too much fuss.  Consider packing similar items together as this makes unpacking and reorganising afterwards much easier.  We have a range of boxes and packaging supplies available from our reception.

Larger items, such as a sofa or dining table, might not be so easy to relocate however and this is where we recommend giving us a call.  We have a range of different sized units available so you only pay for the space you need… which, if you’ve already managed to re-home the majority of your belongings, could be a lot less than you think.


Storage Solutions

Alternatively of course, if budget allows, just pack everything off to us for even greater peace of mind.

Using self-storage for these kinds of projects can be a wise decision as it will free up space in your home but also, more importantly, space in your mind to focus on the work instead of worrying about your possessions.

We have a range of special offers this Autumn including four weeks half price on first floor units (min term 12 weeks) so why not give us a call and see how we can help.  We will also price-match any like-for-like quote!


Whatever you’re up to this Autumn, stay safe and be sure to make the most of the changing seasons!

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